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Change is a part of life. You find yourself transitioning from what you knew and were comfortable with to something you don't know, then experiencing the feelings of discomfort. Loss of a loved one, a job, a home, a pet, a sense of security, your health, your faith, a role that you played in the lives of others are just some of the transitions that can be part of this journey called life. These transitions are all challenging and are not meant to be gone through alone. Counseling cannot make grief and discomfort go away. However, there is healing power when you take the time to express yourself, talk about what you miss, ask for what you need, affirm your strengths, and learn the art of taking one day at a time to arrive at the place where you want to be.


You are not meant to go through these hard life transitions and challenges alone. Please find someone to talk to. I would be honored if that someone were me.

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